Day 1 -  November 16th - 4.30pm - 7.00pm

Time Session
4.30pm Tech support: The KS3-5 music curriculum

This energetic opening session will help you understand how music technology can support and integrate with the secondary school music curriculum to enrich learning.

James Manwaring
Director of music, Windsor Learning Partnership
5.10pm Partner presentation and networking break 
5.30pm A guide to free software

Freeware comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of it is invaluable, but much of it is limited or has 'in-app purchases' to access more advanced features. This session will take you through what’s good and what’s not.

Tim Hallas,
 Technology editor, Music Teacher, and teacher in charge of Music Technology, Hills Road Sixth Form College
6.10pm Short break 
6.20pm The basics of audio editing 

Audio editing can make the difference between a good recording and a great one. In this session, Tim Hallas will demonstrate and share some tricks for making a simple recording sound better.

Tim Hallas, Technology editor, Music Teacher, and teacher in charge of Music Technology, Hills Road Sixth Form College


Close of Day 1


Day 2 -  November 17th - 4.30pm - 7.00pm

Time Session
4.30pm Building a school studio on a budget 

Covering a range of price points, this session will provide a springboard for your in-school studio endeavours. You'll also come away with ideas for one-off purchases.

Dale WillsStudio engineer and music production lecturer
5.10pm Partner presentation and networking break 
5.30pm Recording in a school environment

Discover how to maximise the quality of your in-school recordings, whether you're in a studio or a make-shift classroom.

Phoebe Pope
, Musician & lecturer, BIMM Institute
6.10pm Short break
6.20pm Enhancing primary music with technology

Come away with practical ideas for bringing primary music lessons to life through tech, without breaking the bank.

Frazer Hinchley, Primary music teacher, Croft Primary School


Close of Day 2


Day 3 -  November 18th - 4.30pm - 7.00pm

Time Session
4.30pm Inspiring the next generation of music producers

How can you inspire students to consider a future career in music production? This session will equip you with insight, ideas and next steps to take back to your lessons.

Leslie Gaston-Bird, AMPS, MPSE, 
PhD Candidate, University of Surrey
5.10pm Partner presentation and networking break
5.30pm Developing the musician through music technology

Helping you support your students to think deeply and analytically about the music they're making, this session will provide you with examples and applications for new or existing schemes of work at KS3.

Liz Dunbar, York Pathfinder secondary music lead, Huntington School
6.10pm Short break 

EWI, haptics and the Deaf musician

In this session, Sonia Allori of Drake Music will present the music technology that has become integral to her practice today as a Deaf and Disabled composer and musician. Delegates will learn about Allori’s musical journey with the EWI (electronic wind instrument) and will gain understanding of music tech and access through real-life examples. 

Sonia Allori, Composer, performer, researcher, community music therapist 


Close of Day 3